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advertising design

what is advertising design?

Advertising design is a combination of marketing and graphic design. Its sole purpose is to sell a product or service. While graphic design has a certain amount of creative freedom, advertising design needs to be strategic. Adverts can be fun, but they must be professional. 

Consistency is an important element of advertising design. If you, as a marketer, think that design is boring and familiar, that’s okay. 

Today, there are many channels where you can advertise. Each channel has its advantages and disadvantages, and only through detailed research will it be possible to understand which channel is most suitable for which advertisement. 

The biggest and most popular channels:

  • TV and Youtube for video ads
  • podcasts and radio for audio ads
  • newspapers and magazines
  • various types of printed material
  • environmental and advertising on transport
  • social networks – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkendIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube

video and display advertising

Gone are the days when video ads were only seen on TV. With the rapid development of YouTube, video advertising has moved online. Although this type of advertising requires more investment due to the complexity of development, the returns can be much higher than for simple advertising. 

The main advantage of display ads is the volume of impressions. Unfortunately, in most cases this goes hand in hand with a low average click-through rate. The main reason is that people simply don’t notice the ad. The online environment is already stimulating and advertising should be able to stand out, not disappear. Knowing this, and knowing the environment in which the ad will appear, the design should be as different as possible.

advertising on social networks and at events

Depending on what your business offers, social media advertising can visibly increase your customer base and brand awareness. However, it is important to bear in mind that social networks are full of content, which is regularly created and consumed in massive volumes and at a very fast pace. To ensure that the offer is not lost in all this messaging, but is visible, the design of the ad is of the utmost importance. 

Adverts and messages that stand out, different from everyday content, work well on social networks. This can be a visual difference in design or non-standard message text. We are used to filtering large amounts of information on a daily basis, so any deviation from what we are used to will give us pause.

Events are a great way to meet your target audience face-to-face. The advertised product or service must be compatible with and complement the overall theme of the event. People will be interested in the offer if it is relevant to the place and time. Promotion at the event can take many forms – activities, stands and installations, promotional materials and souvenirs, live streaming on social media, etc.


environmental advertising

All advertising outside the house is defined as outdoor advertising. It’s not just the usual banners on walls or fences, but also all kinds of advertising on vehicles, in supermarkets, shop windows, screens, cinemas, billboards, various installations and other standard and non-standard solutions.

Outdoor advertising is limited only by the imagination, because technically almost anything can be made and installed. How many interesting stand solutions have I not seen in supermarkets or at festivals that particularly attract the attention of visitors. People are also sharing more photos of interesting out-of-the-box solutions on social media, because it’s unusual, out of the ordinary. This provides additional free advertising for the product in question.  

It is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the smart devices we are immersed in every day. To stand a chance, environmental advertising must both adapt to rapid technological developments and remain unique. This can be achieved through a variety of technically and design innovations. The banner no longer has to be on one plane, it can be designed in three dimensions, playing with the offer in a fun and precise way. You can also create different spatial installations that evoke the brand. Technology can be used to your advantage to create a variety of 3D and virtual reality ads that can also be linked to smart devices.       

print advertising

Print advertising has not lost its relevance, it has just become more targeted. Mass advertising has in most cases moved from letterboxes to the digital environment. Personalised advertising has become so expensive that it can start to be considered exclusive compared to email campaigns. You need to be 100% sure of the concept, design and message of your print ad, as it will be very expensive to make corrections once it is printed.

Advertising in magazines is still relevant, whether in print or digital format. Each magazine has its own specific audience, which makes it easy to design the ads and predict the returns. Of course, design is always important and content is king.  

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Weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00

Address: 42 Pernavas Street, Riga, LV-1009, Latvia
(easy access to the parking lot from 22 Vārnu Street)

Phone +371 67 278 992, +371 20 159 890


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