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web design

what is web design?

Web design is primarily the visual design of a website or application. For this design to work technically, web development is required, which is often done by someone else. Although technology has advanced to the point where anyone can create a website or app, most people don’t have the knowledge or understanding to do it well.

More and more people nowadays connect to the internet via a mobile device, because it’s always close at hand. This means that today, web design is initially designed for smart devices, leaving the desktop version as an afterthought. This trend will only continue to grow as device and internet technologies continue to advance and people spend more and more time on the web.

a little history

It is more than 32 years (06.08.1991) since the first website appeared on the Internet. It was simple and consisted of text only. Since then, there have been a number of major innovations that have made web design what we see it today:

  • 1995 – JavaScript appeared, making it possible to make web pages dynamic and interactable
  • 1996 – Adobe Flash gave web designers the freedom to create more dynamic websites by adding video, audio and animation
  • 1998 – CSS appeared, making it easier and simpler to design fonts, add background images and colours
  • 2000 – Paypal appears, launching the wave of internet commerce
  • 2007 – With the first iPhone, web designers were forced to adapt and design to look good on smart devices, given screen size limitations
  • 2010 – The idea of responsive design
  • 2012 – Flat design emerges and starts its victory march

the purpose and objectives of web design

The main goal of web design is to help users get to the information they are actively seeking. To achieve this goal, we need to work on many tasks at the same time:

  • SEO – adjust content to be found faster in search engines
  • user satisfaction – the user experience on the website must be positive in order to create a desire to return
  • responsiveness – the website must be accessible on all devices
  • brand consistency – web design must be consistent with brand guidelines, thus promoting credibility and recognition
  • technical optimisation – everything must work quickly, with as few failures as possible
  • conversion – the right placement of elements and user guidance will increase the number of potential customers

related types of web design

Although web design may at first appear to be a one-size-fits-all concept, it can be broken down a little further:

  • UX (user experience) design – responsible for making the product intuitive and easy to use while achieving business goals
  • UI (user interface) design – responsible for making the product work on different platforms and have easy, smart navigation
  • Front-End Web Development – a highly technical way of designing because it focuses directly on code
  • visual design – everything the user sees (background images, buttons, icons) and how these elements are adapted to different devices
  • Information Architecture Design – responsible for the hierarchy of content placement and accessibility to maximise user understanding

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Weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00

Address: 42 Pernavas Street, Riga, LV-1009, Latvia
(easy access to the parking lot from 22 Vārnu Street)

Phone +371 67 278 992, +371 20 159 890

E-mail: enivo@enivo.eu

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