1. Terms used in the Regulations.

1.1 Subscription Price – the price of the Subscription Plan selected by the Customer;

1.2 Subscription Service – the right of the Customer to receive the services included in the Subscription Plan in the manner set out in these Terms and Conditions by making regular payments;

1.3 Subscription Period – one, six or twelve months;

1.4 Subscription Plan – the set of advertising development services and the quantity within which the Client is entitled to receive services;

1.5 Open Order – a Client’s order on which enivo has commenced work and which has not been cancelled or confirmed as complete by the Client.

1.6. enivo – SIA “enivo”;

1.7 Customer – a legal entity that has entered into an Agreement with enivo;

1.8 ” Agreement ” means the Advertising Design Services Subscription Agreement or any amendments thereto between the Client and enivo, which includes the provision of the Subscription Service and to which these Terms and Conditions apply;

1.9 ” Terms ” means these General Terms and Conditions for Subscriptions to Advertising Development Services, as amended from time to time;

1.10 Order – a service from the Subscription Plan that results in the delivery of one digital product in one language to the Customer. Any design, layout or technical variation of an existing digital product (different text, different language, proportion, design and layout changes, etc.) is considered a separate order.

2. Subject of the subscription service.

2.1. enivo shall provide and entitle the Customer to receive the Services in accordance with the Subscription Plan selected by the Customer and the Customer shall pay for the Subscription Services in accordance with the Agreement and these Terms.

3. Content of the subscription service.

3.1. Under the Subscription Service, the Customer places an order and enivo performs the ordered services in accordance with the Subscription Plan selected by the Customer.

3.2. Unless otherwise stated in the description of the specific Subscription Plan, the following services are not included in the Subscription Plans:

3.2.1. All types of manufacturing, materials, physical installation, transport services, etc;

3.2.2. Rent of premises, equipment or inventory of any kind;

3.2.3. All types of translation, proofreading and copywriting services;

3.2.4. Hiring actors, including voice actors (except for voice actors hired and paid for by the Client or enivo voice actors included in the Subscription Plan);

3.2.5. Costs associated with the placement of advertising on any channel, physical or digital (e.g. outdoor, print, TV, radio, news portals, etc.);

3.2.6. Third party licences, permits and fees;

3.2.7. Hosting, server rental and configuration, SSL certificates and domains;

3.2.8. Video, photo and audio recording;

3.2.9. Online shop development;

3.2.10. Programming.

3.3. All orders placed by the Customer which are not included in the Subscription Plan shall be deemed to be orders outside the Subscription Plan and:

3.3.1. are charged separately, according to the enivo price list;

3.3.2. are not added to the number of orders opened at the same time.

4. Fees for the Subscription Service and how to pay for it.

4.1. The Customer shall pay for the Subscription Service the amount of money according to the Subscription Plan selected.

4.2. Payment for the Subscription Service shall be made on a monthly basis, in accordance with the specific terms of the Agreement.

4.3. The Parties agree that invoices shall be drawn up electronically and shall be valid without signature. Invoices are sent to the Customer’s email address provided for receipt of invoices. The invoice is deemed to have been received on the working day following the day on which it is sent.

4.4. The Customer shall pay in accordance with the payment date on the invoice.

4.5. If the Customer fails to pay the invoice in the amount and by the due date, enivo has the right to suspend the provision of services until the invoice is paid in full.

4.6. If the Client is more than 30 calendar days behind on payment, the Client shall be deemed to have unilaterally terminated the Contract before the expiry of the Contract term with all the consequences thereof.

5. Procedure for changes to the Rules, Subscription Plans and Price.

5.1. enivo may unilaterally amend the Terms by giving the Customer 30 calendar days’ notice. If the Customer is not satisfied with the amendments to the Terms and Conditions, the Customer shall be entitled to withdraw from the Subscription Agreement by notifying enivo in writing no later than 30 calendar days after receipt of the notification of the changes. In such a case, the Customer shall be exempt from the payment of the contractual penalty. If the Customer has not withdrawn from the Agreement in writing within 30 calendar days of receipt of the notification of changes, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the new version of the Terms.

5.2. enivo is not entitled to increase the price of the Subscription Plan during the Subscription Period. Changes to the Subscription Plan price as well as the content and scope of the services included in the Subscription Plan may be amended at the end of the Subscription Plan prior to the automatic renewal of the Contract by giving the Customer not less than 30 calendar days’ notice.

6. Modification, suspension, renewal and termination of the Subscription Service.

6.1. The Subscription Period shall commence on the Commencement Date specified in the Special Terms of the Contract.

6.2. During the entire Subscription Period, the Customer is entitled to upgrade to a higher level of the Subscription Plan.

6.3. The Subscription Period shall be automatically extended to the next Subscription Period specified in the Contract, unless the Customer expresses in writing a wish to terminate or change the active Subscription Plan.

6.4. enivo shall be entitled to unilaterally suspend or terminate the Subscription Service immediately if the Customer is in breach of the Agreement, the Terms and Conditions or the Annexes thereto, including but not limited to the Customer’s failure to pay for the Subscription Service in the amount and within the time specified in the invoice.

6.5. The Customer may unilaterally terminate the Subscription Agreement at any time by notifying enivo in writing. If the Customer terminates the Subscription Agreement before the end of the Subscription Period, the Customer shall pay 50% of the total value of the Subscription Service for the remainder of the Subscription Period.

6.6. enivo has the right to unilaterally terminate the Subscription Agreement at any time by giving the Customer at least 30 calendar days’ prior written notice.

7. Subscription plan usage rights.

7.1. Subscription services may only be used for the development of advertising for the Client’s company and the products/services it represents. The Customer shall not be entitled to use the Subscription Services for third party advertising.

8. Obligations and liabilities of the Client and enivo.

8.1. The Client has read the Terms.

8.2. The Customer is responsible for the proper use of the Subscription Services.

8.3. enivo shall ensure that the Customer’s orders are fulfilled in accordance with the selected Subscription Plan.

9. Other provisions.

9.1. Force Majeure may result in interruption of services for a period of time until the Force Majeure ends. enivo shall not be liable for failure to perform or improper performance of its obligations under the Contract if such failure or improper performance is due to Force Majeure. For the purposes of this Agreement, force majeure shall mean circumstances beyond enivo’s control which prevent enivo from performing its obligations, such as natural disasters, unlawful acts of third parties, power failures, explosions and fires, strikes, interference with other electronic communications networks, prohibitions, restrictions and other acts imposed by state and local authorities.

9.2. enivo has the right to transfer the Client’s data and information on overdue payments to third parties for the purpose of creating a credit history database including the Client’s data, debt collection and/or debt assignment, as well as to use the information for credit scoring if the Client fails to make payments on time and the provision of advertising design services to the Client is interrupted. The Client is obliged to pay enivo’s legal fees, litigation costs and other damages.

9.3. The Customer confirms that it has assessed the validity and adequacy of the Subscription Service and has access to all necessary information regarding the content, quality, billing, performance and liability of the Subscription Service.

9.4. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof shall be settled by negotiation. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be settled in accordance with the procedure established by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

9.5. The Agreement and its Annexes shall enter into force upon signature. The contract may be signed with a secure electronic signature.

Revision 1.0, effective from 14.10.2022