we do not offer “substitutes” of calendars!

feeling of receiving a calendar “substitute”

How would your customer feel if the calendar they received had their name day misprinted, on the wrong date, or not at all? How would it feel to have plans disrupted just because the calendar doesn’t indicate which holidays are being moved?

calendar “substitute” for a year

Numerous errors in the layout of the calendar. Unclear and compressed design. Wrinkled calendar bases and transparent date pages. Inadequate materials, printing and post-processing technologies. Unfortunately, such calendar substitutes have taken over the market and can be found at every turn.

how to distinguish a real calendar from its “substitute”?

Any substitute will always be noticeably cheaper than the original product because of the use of fewer (or substitute) raw materials, inadequate production and post-processing technologies, and the use of various tricks to circumvent the most time-consuming correct production processes. How not to fall into the trap of a weak imitation calendar? We’ve put together some tips on how you can tell the difference between a real calendar and a fake one:

  • a real calendar layout will be error-free. All public holidays will be in line with the law, all new name days will be included, and typos, dates and numbering errors will be caught
  • a real calendar will be aesthetically pleasing, easy to see and understand. Graphic design elements will complement each other, not interfere
  • a real calendar base will not deform throughout the year. The wall calendar will not form the belly, but the desk calendar will form the Eiffel (you’ll just have to fly to Paris to see it)

  • a real calendar will never make friends with rubber date indicators
  • a real calendar will never hide behind unknown materials on offer
  • a real calendar will always be with you on time and never late

always demand quality!

Quality is always seen in comparison, so never be afraid to ask questions, ask for a clear and transparent offer, compare samples and evaluate them carefully. A real calendar should help you, not hinder you – it should be an enjoyable process, not an annoying one.

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